Cesar Jacobs makes you aware of your posture and the way you move in relation to your complaints.
She also gives you insight into how your body reacts to pain, overload and tension.
Together with the therapist you will look for the cause of your symptoms. Gradually, you will learn to understand your complaints.

You will also learn how to respond adequately to your complaints, so that they will diminish or disappear and not return.
Personal guidance Under the guidance of your remedial therapist, you work on restoring the balance between tension and relaxation and you bring your body back into good condition.
You will learn how to improve your posture and your way of moving so that the strain on your back, neck and shoulders will decrease.

If necessary, the treatment will also focus on breathing and dealing with stress. The remedial therapist will tailor the treatment to your personal situation.
This means that you will receive exercises and posture and movement advice that are integrated into your daily activities, at home and at work.
Both your work environment (chair and desk height), your home situation (vacuuming, ironing) and your hobbies (sports, gardening, chores) will be addressed.
By applying the advice of your remedial therapist, you will learn to move better. This will enable you to function optimally again in all your daily activities.

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