To Help European entrepreneurs

to grow their business.

Why this concept?

We have noticed that there is a need in the market for a solution for good websites and good web shops. A solution for an attractive low price. We are that solution. Watch now the accompanying video of 2 minutes and 34 seconds.
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Responsive Design for your website & shop

Are you also interested in a responsive website or a responsive webshop? The advantage is that your site or shop can adapt to various screen sizes.
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Flexible and Powerful

Scalable solutions with a project-based approach. Flexible and powerful. Together we work with you in a number of project-based steps. Your objective is the starting point. Watch the 1 minute and 5 second video now.
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Innovation, or change. Get immersed in new opportunities to promote yourself and your business via the Internet.

Extensive possibilities to present yourself and your company professionally, on the Internet

Show your current customers and potential new customers who you are and what you do. Start small, in a simple way and for low costs. Grow with (internet) marketing. We are happy to help you with that too. We have been doing so since 1999. Watch the attached video of 2 minutes and 37 seconds and discover your advantages by working with us.

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Creativity is beautiful, nice and all. But you want to be able to control the content of your website or webshop.

Reliable, specialized support

You can count on the support of a professional team of employees. If you have questions, or encounter problems, they will help you find a solution.

Advanced functionality

Extensive possibilities according to the latest technology. You have the possibility to use the latest technology for your website or shop. All this based on standard solutions, delivered quickly and for an attractive, low price.

Free coaching

Take advantage of bi-weekly free coaching. Every odd week of the year Tom Koster teaches the commercial infrastructure for internet marketing. The basis is a website and or webshop. In addition, Tom also teaches general marketing and sales issues. You can participate for free and sign up via this link